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A short film by Magdelena Hill

Expected release: December 2014


"...We open in a shoal of intricately projected constellations, darting and swirling seemingly in mid-air...A narrator sets the scene in a post-apocalyptic world (it could be the future, could be a parallel universe, she tells us in language drawn from Harry Martinson’s 1956 poem Aniara) in which humans have fled the earth, setting up a temporary home – Aniara – in space. Their only hopes for survival and communication lie in the all-knowing, super-computer MIMA..."

-new statesman (Online Review)


Permanent video and lighting installation in the Harborview Nurses Tunnel meant to commemorate the years of service by Harborview nurses. Commissioned by the hospital with support from 4Culture. Created by artists Lois Shelton & Maggie Smith.

Social Extension Animations: Created 25 GIF/MP4 animations to be used on various social platforms
Other various 2D/3D animations and motion graphics MS EDU: 1 to 1 ProgramIE9: A more beautiful web is... Internet Explorer TV commercialMeet Windows 8Xbox LIVE on Windows Mobile_Graphic example reelNeosaurs: Beta TrailerNeosaurs:  Beta trailerMicrosoft MediaroomMicrosoft Mediaroom_Advertising Platform videoIntro Slate_Shortcut CookingWindows Media Center:  Record TV on your PCWindows Media Center_Custom SettingsWindows Phone_Mobile UI demo
Animation/VFX/Motion Graphics Reel: Jesse Montini-Vose 2011Motion Tracking/3D Animation Composites: Cinema 4D & VooDooDaydreamTeamworkTeddy Love-LockedBUS STOPThis is HappeningMama Bird and the Seemingly Sullen DeepKTMillerTimeKinect Mesh+Cinema 4D R12 sound effectorI'm a WriterHallways:  Signs